PHLEBOTOMY (Venepuncture) NHS

Phlebotomists are specially trained certified healthcare professional that typically work in the NHS/Private hospitals or blood banks. As a phlebotomist, you will take blood samples from patients. The samples are examined in a laboratory and the results can be used to diagnose diseases and conditions.

We specialise in core-competency skill training for medical practitioners, healthcare workers and those wishing to enter the medical arena with the necessary basic skills to gain new employment opportunities.


By the end of the phlebotomy course, candidates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate appropriate infection control principles when performing phlebotomy.
  • Understand the competencies set out in CHS132 (National Occupational Standard for Obtaining Venous Blood Samples).
  • Understand the legal aspects of phlebotomy.
  • Use the vacutainer system to collect a blood sample.
  • List the potential complications during and after taking blood.


  • The session will begin with a theoretical component including all competencies set out in CHS132 (National Occupational Standard for Phlebotomy) followed by demonstrations and then practise.
  • Participants will practise on simulation arms.
  • You will be given ample opportunity to practise on the manikins.
  • Once confident at taking blood from the manikin you will have the opportunity to take blood from a fellow participant providing they give consent.
  • You will have the opportunity to use the vacutainer blood taking systems.


On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have attended the course and achieved the above objectives and will be awarded the PHLEBOTOMY CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE.

We also offer live bleed sessions leading to the award of the PHLEBOTOMY CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE ; Supervised phlebotomy in a clinical setting on real patients is required by the NHS policies to achieve full proficiency in this skill; Once completed you will have all of the knowledge skills and certificate necessary to work as a phlebotomist.

You can BOOK the course ONLINE. Please note that we have limited number of places.

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Phlebotomy Courses for Medical Student
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Phlebotomy Courses for Beginners
  • Live bleed sessions in clinical settings leading to the award of the Phlebotomy Certificate of Competence (ONLY £197!)

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Phlebotomy Certification Training Classes


I really appreciate your help in providing me Phlebotomy training i am much more confident and determined and no longer nervous in drawing the blood from the body. Thank you so much . May God bless you.

Linda Jones

I always wanted to be in medical field so i chose to be a Phlebotomist. But the site of blood and working with needle always terrified me. Thanks for your proper explanation and training i have got much hold on my nervousness and now i can say this proudly that i am working in International SOS which is the most inspiring company of London. My dream has come true


I usually don't write Testimonials but i guess this time i had to. I felt really good in going through your course the informative stuff you have is very useful. I have also told my friends about it and they have been eager too because in becoming a Phlebotomist , we need proper training and guidance and a thorough description of every single step and procedure which your have elaborated very clearly and i appreciate your effort for helping students like us.

Amenda . S . Willson

I am the first one in my family to be in a medical profession. You have played a great role in helping me become a Phlebotomist. I am so happy and grateful i can not even describe it in words! my younger sister also wants to follow the same profession and i have told her about your help which makes the process very helpful and easy which i have learned from you, that it involves hard work and tactics. Please keep on doing the good work. God Bless.

Zeba Iftikhaar

Hii hope your are doing well. I am not good at writing but still here i am providing you with my feedback on your content material which is original , unique and very informative i must say. It helped me and my friends with the training process and Inshallah in some months we will become professional Phlebotomist . Cheers!!!

Hareem Aslam

Phelebotomy has always interested me though i am not a phlebotomist by profession yet with your helpful website i have gained immense knowledge and insights regarding this field. i am now thinking to get a training as a professional now. Hope my further queries will be answered.

Ryan Tob

My name is Alena Caramboth. I wanted to thank you for providing information about Phlebotomy. Now that i have read everything i feel it is actually a very simple process. Your just have to be a little considerate with the patients and devoted with your job.

Alena Caramboth

I really appreciate your help in providing me Phlebotomy training i am much more confident and determined and no longer nervous in drawing the blood from the body. Thank you so much . May God bless you.

Linda Jones

Every body in my home had told me that i can not be a Phlebotomist as i can not stand the site of blood. But since my grand mother wanted me to join this profession so i had to and so i am. I can not thank you more because you guided me so well and the tips you provided helped me like anything also the fact that this field is so beneficial to mankind. Please i am expecting more articles from you.

Juan Marshall


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